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When it comes to the allocation of time, we gather some facts and have strong opinions on priorties, but we often tend to neglect te possibilities. It is true, they are overwhelming. However, if you want to your talent to flourish, it is necessairy te reflect. To reflect, you need oversight and insight. This starts the process for an individual or an organization to be of increasing value. To suport this, the tasktuner was develloped. 


Tasktuner is a webbased interactive personal planningtool. An algorithm schedules tasks, routines and ad-hoc claims in the most efficient way. Output indicates time constraints per day and per task. This gives information whether requested or promissed delivery moments can be met, which task or tasks are critical and which possibilities are effectively available to resolve constraints. In addition parameters or indicators representative of task load of the current planning are presented to indicate self management to the user and/or to colleagues and/or management. 


Overwhelming possibilities and a lack of time for reflection produce stress. Stress is a perception, but workload is a fact. Tasktuner transforms stressmanagement into a decision making process and breakthrough problem solving, contributing significantly to effectiveness, inovation, health and business ethics. 


To collaborate in working organizations proper insight in individual available capacity is necessary. Since the strength of a chain equals the strength of the weakest link, logic holds that solving non-bottleneck tasks will not effectively contribute to solving time constraints. Thus insight in time constraints and interdependencies with regard to the bottleneck structures decision making and reduction of complexity. This thrives a conduct of personal leadership over personal time and a mthod to support this in the organization. 

International patent pending

An international patent is applied for in may 2014. For information on international licences contact us.

"This standardized assessment tool objectifies and evaluates time in a systematic process. First of all for the professional, further to apply the insights in dialogue to improve collaboration and organization. Through assessing the individual conduct of time, we can incorporate the value of time of the professional into the decision making processes.  The develloper.


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